where is my earth ? I am seeking you now ! where are you now ? I am anable find you, when will I find you ? You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my heritage. I cry for you everyday. My morning star will be shine to front of me, you are my flag in the my heart. I love you so much until forever, while I will live in the world.

Jumat, 23 Desember 2016

TPN/OPM Support to ULMWP's bid full membership in MSG

In Kiyawagi, 19 December 2016, Comando of West Papua Liberation Army (TPN),West Papua Liberation Organization (OPM), support to ULMWP's bid full membership in MSG. Gendral, Goliath Tabuni, support to united liberation movement of west Papua (ULMWP), become full member in MSG. MSG's meeting, on 21-22 december 2016, did agreement letter to ULMWP, it is give by a formal ceremony of each agency of TPN/OPM in each regions of West Papua. Each agency of TPN/OPM consist of, yambi, sinak, kiyawagi, ilaga, puncak jaya and intan jaya.
In this ceremony, they rise morning star flag and leader of Lekagak Telenggen, he read and speech to agreement letter to ULMWP's bid become full membership in MSG. In this ceremony also present by all organizations of west papua liberation ang many indigenous peoples of west papua. 
More really, please you visit to this link : https://youtu.be/Xl2UGc3z6Ws,

Sabtu, 16 Juli 2016

They Found Rasism and Stigmatization To Students Of Papua and Peoples Of Papua In Yogyakarta

A Story’s Short By Me, About Rasism and Discrimination To Papuans

(Yogyakarta, on 15 july 2016, at 08.00 – 10.20 p.m. Jogja’s times).

They said that Separatist Out Of Yogyakarta
# I am Self
In the morning, at 08.00 p.m. , I out from boarding house (my home stay) to Papuan students’ dormitory. I went to there by motorcycle, and I went to there also I self only. I followed to there by Kusuma Negara Street from malioboro direction’s way.

After, I arrived at next of PERTAMINA, I stop there, because  I saw that front of Asrama Kamasan 1, there were many patrol cars by police, army, brimob very much. I saw there very shut Kusuma Negara street by them only. And I was listening also their yell-yell to the all student of Papua in Kamasan, they (army and police) yell-yell used Megaphone. 

I want to there (asrama kamasan), but two man came to me. And, they ask me that; are you also to follow action there ? then I answered to them that, I’m not to there, but I want to Gedong Kuning, but I am  worrying because this way was very shut.

Then, they also ask me again that; are you a student ? where is your campus ? and where do you live ? I answered that; yes,  I’am a student, and I’m live in demangan.  

They said to me that, we also Christian, so you please…! Back home from here to there. But, I ask to them that; why there were police army very much, after that, they angry to me that “hi … hi … PIG and Mad” please you back home. Afterward, I star motorcycle and back to home. But, they two followed me when I was back home, I saw to them two, so I arrived at “Bundaran UGM” I saw they back way.

I’m afraid out of my home stay’s room now. I ever out of my home stay on yesterday morning. But, I’am worry because when I was out of room, two peoples ask me that, how about you ? What happened in Asrama Kamasan ? because we listened that, students of Papua action now ! but, I responed that I do not know about it, because from yesterday until now, I never out of my room and I also live in home only. Thanks.

# I Can Many Info About Discrimination and Rasism To Papuans

Hello World … !

Brimob, Police and Many Group Indigenous Peoples Of Jogjakarta said to Papuan students like “MONKEY and YOU ARE LIKE MONKEY”. And, this is a rasialism and stigmatization.
They said all student of Papua whitout except  and all Indigebous Peoples of Papua are “MONKEY”. I meant about it that, they stigma no only peoples of West Papua, but they stigma to all Melanesia in Pasific are LIKE MONKEY.
They also throw by stones to student’s dormitory (Kamasan 1 building), they yell-yell and out many voices that students of Papua are very bad, black very smell, primitive, poor, stupid etc.

So, by this event, they very angry to us (Papuans). We knew that, Jogja is a special province of Indonesia nation, because this province have many famous as value for Indonesia nation, like city of culture Kraton, city ‘s by tourist culture, big city of education for Indonesia nation. 

But, we (Papuans) do not believe its all. We know now that Jogja city is no have special city, but this city is have rasialism, colonialism, discrimination, and harrastment city, Its all make and work together by police, intelligen, preman and reacsionist peoples.

Please you see, that 8 students of Papua arrest by police of Sleman Yogyakarta, they are :
1.       Terianus Aud
2.       Obet Hisage
3.       Adius Kudligagal
4.       Demi Daby
5.       Ferdinan Tagi
6.       Benediktus Tegei
7.       Opan PMD
8.       Obi Kogoya
9.       100 students never ate from 07.00 morning until 19.00 in the evening. 

# Obi Koyoya’s photos, when they arrest him. They (intel/police) were try to him for proof the images’ like MONKEY in his face. They did handle to his body and his hand, so they did try to him. Please you watch his video also when they were arresting him and Please….! You see his images bellow :
a. His Images :
 b. Please watch to his video, when they are arresting him :

 Report by : a  witness

Kamis, 14 Juli 2016

Voice Of One Papua : Request To Each MSG's Leaders In The Pasific

Melanesian Girl
Indonesia is ASEAN, Indonesia is not MSG. So, ULMWP (Papua) is MSG, Papua is not ASEAN.
Indonesia Irational, become full membership in MSG, BECAUSE,when indonesia was becoming association member since 2015 until now, Indonesia, never respond and never accept many requests of MSG & PIF :
1. Jokowi refuse about PIF recomendation on PIF Summit in port moresby that "fact finding mission about human right abuses in west papua,"
2. Indonesia never can peace solution about human right abuses in west papuan peoples, the fasilitated by MSG,
3. Presindent Jokowi ever reject a letter from Mr. Manaseh Sogavareh, as a chair of MSG. So it's indonesia not respect to MSG's chairman
So then, indigenous peoples of west Papua hope to the every leaders of MSG, beg to take that ULMWP as representatif (unification) organization become full member (parties member) in MSG

 Oceania Islands (Pasific Islands)

Papua Island Is Huge Island Of The Pasific (Oceania)

 Papua Island

We Must Pray To MSG For ULMWP, on today, tomorrow, and to the future until to self determination.
‪#‎MSG‬ Meeting in Honiara, on 14-15 july 2016 is an opportunity for West Papua become full membership in MSG. BECAUSE, accordance a speech by Mr.Franz Bainimarama in Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) meeting, at honiara, on 13 july 2016, about climate change Globally of Pasific in future that sea level rise up, as a problem and seriously.
‪#‎And‬ this is a one of problem from the others like geopolitic to the future generation in the pasific islands (oceania islands).
‪#‎Then‬, Indigenous of west papua, very hope to the MSG leaders that; In MSG meeting in Honiara, is very opportunity for West Papua become full member in MSG. And you know that, West Papua and PNG is a large islands in south pasific. So, this is your consideration to the future generation in south pasific.
‪#‎So‬, West Papuans (members of KNPB/AMP,NRPB) are acting now, as a support to ULMWP (West Papua) become full membership in MSG. They are doing action many regions in west papua, and they also arrest by army and police of Indonesia. democration space closed by indonesia in West Papua now.

Kamis, 07 Juli 2016

Hello World : Phaul Waterpau humble to MSG's admission for ULMWP And Indonesia

 Mr. Phaul Waterpau, Kapolda Province of Papua

OnePapua - Port Numbay, (0/7/2016), Mr.Phaul Waterpau (Head Of Indonesia's police at Papua) humble to Leaders of MSG's admission for ULMWP & indonesia accepted as observer member and association member in MSG since 2015 (last year). He humble by his action statement as an intimidation to the his peoples of West Papua. 

He is a head of police, but he never know about free democratic law of internation level, and he is not honor to a preamble of indonesia republik's constitutions. 

So, West Papua National Commite, West Papua Student Alliance and indigenous peoples of West Papua ask to the MSG will be a beg like a warning letter to him by President Indonesia (Mr.Jokowi) as a association member in MSG. Because, this is, he (Waterpau) made and open a door to human right violation in the future to indigenous peoples of West Papua. And by its, he close the peace democratic space also in West Papua.

We (KNPB, AMP, NRFPB, PRD & ULMWP) in West Papua hope to every Leader of MSG  that accept to ULMWP become full member in MSG. And, please, kick out Melindo from association member in MSG, because indonesia is not melanesia. Then Indonesia never accept every decision of MSG and PIF from 2015 until now. So Indonesia irational became association member in MSG.

Afterwards, we thanks to Mr, Waterpau's statement for forbbiden to our action to the next time, Because, this is  a good way also that to self determination. If, you arrest, kill, shot and intimidation to us as to accelerate for West Papua Freedom also from indonesia colonialism state. So we will never afraid when we will be peace demonstration to indonesia in the future. We will apponent to colonial state and its government systematic until West Papua Full Freedom. They, said.

Report by : KNPB, AMP and West Papuan Peoples.

TPN-OPM Paniai will be pray as a support to ULMWP in MSG

OnePapua - (08/7/2016), West Papua National Army (WPNA) - West Papua Independence Organization (OPM), Makodam V Paniai, report that, we will do a worship to the God as a supporting to ULMWP full membership in MSG on next week. 

And, this is our hope to the MSG Leaders, that help us (West Papuans), accept become full member, when will be MSG's meeting on 14-15 july 2016 (next week) in Honiara, Salomond Island.

This is hope by Mr.Silto Rimba Tobay, as a secretary gendral commander TPN-OPM Makodam V, Paniai, on 6 july 2016. He say also that every members of TPN-OPM and all peoples of Paniai do not believe to provocator issues the publishing by military of indonesia and their followers (INTEL, BIN, and BAIS from indonesia) to the Peoples of Papuans, because their issue is very make the conflict to our self as indigenous peoples of West Papua.

And, we (TPN-OPM) hope to every peoples of Mee-pago that we must pray and worship peacefully to God as a supporting to ULMWP, so than we will receive as a full member in MSG.Tobai said.

Then, Colonel Memunime M. Bunai as general advisory TPN-OPM Makon V Paniai hope to all peoples of Papuans and the specially to peoples of Mee-Pago that, on 14-15 july 2016 is, no one too, will not do activity and all must worship to the God, because its days are a history day for West Papuans enter to big family in melanesia by our a boat organization's ULMWP. He, said.

Reported by : TPN-OPM Makodam V Paniai.

We Must Pray To MSG's Leaders Meeting In Honiara, 14 July 2016

OnePapu - (8/7/2016), indigenous peoples of West Papua very hope to every leaders of MSG that, please, accepting ULMWP full membership in MSG, because ULMWP is our an umbrella organization for West Papua independence strugle.
You knew also that, if indigenous peoples of West Papua live under indonesia control, surely we (west papuans) will be extinct.
Then, we knew also that, if west papua will not enter and will not accept parties or association member in MSG & PIF. then melanesian islands and pasific islands will be loss in the geopolitic for the future generation.
So, it is our pray for this meeting on 14-15 july 2016, in Honiara, Salomond Islands, and we very beg to MSG learders that; please...! West Papua by ULMWP accept a parties member or an association member in MSG.

by : report from TPN Rayon Ufuk Timur, Paniai

Senin, 27 Juni 2016

A Student Kill and Shot Dead By Police In Nabire

 Owen Pekei (18)
Nabire, 27 june 2016, a student of senior highschool killed and shot dead by police in Nabire, West Papua. They (police), after kill him, they shot to him by their pistol, they shot to his head, then he dead. He is name Owen Pekei, his age is :18 year old. He is second class of SMA YPPGI Karang - Mulia Nabire. 
This events occured on 27 june 2016, at 17.00, in Jl.Merdeka, front of Nabire regency's office. At the time, he go home from Bethel Chruch, in Karang-Tumaritis, then police of indonesia, kill and shot to him by their pistol and he dead. 
A Chronology Short :
I can a report and explanation from his family, in Karang Mulia Nabire, that : After he help to his big sister's work in the house yard at Karang Mulia, for On 27 june 2016, at 15.00, He want to Bethel Chruch in Karang-Tumaritis, for watch the volley ball tournament. After that, he go home, his house is in jl.Suroyo Tanojo-Karang Mulia Nabire. He use a bag (Noken) colored "morning star flag", he in front of SMP st.Antonius-Nabire, he chased by two man the used police's motorcycle. They chase to jl.merdeka nabire until front of regency's office-Nabire. The explanated by witnesses of his family that; they (polices) killed him, after killed, they shot by their pistol in his head. 
The first, his father upset that by his (Owe Pekei)'s number hand phone enter call to him from police, that "hello... it is father of him (Owen), here is a corpse in General Hospital". Then, his father upset and they (parents) want to hospital and take his corpase. Afterward, they (his parents) take it and carry to home. His father ask that explanation about this chronology, but, police no explanated to them and the doers they do not explaneted to them also. His parents do not know about this events and its chronology. His body in his house Nabire now. 

Please....1 see the his images bellow :


Report by : Peoples from Nabire

Minggu, 26 Juni 2016

KNPB/PNWP/TPN Are Doing A Socialization For Support To ULMWP Full Membership In MSG

Enarotali, 0n 26 June 2016, KNPB/PNWP/TPN are Doing A Socialization To Mee Peoples In Many Regency in Paniai Regions (Meuwodide), For  Support To ULMWP Full Membership In MSG.

Indigenous Peoples of Paniai Received 100 %, and we support ULMWP for enter a full member in MSG at Salomon Island, on 14-17 July 2016. Thank you, for this socialization to us, they said. Socialization is done in many areas in indigenous Meepago territories, namely: Nabire, Dogiyai, Deiyai ​​and Paniai.  
So, in this socialization,  indigenous Meepago territories very support ULMWP entrance is a full membership MSG as a big family in malanesia.
We thank you very much to the state of Salomon Island, Vanuatu, new Caledonia kanaki, Fiji and PNG as a black family who will be in the Pacific region.

Mee Peoples Rejection To Luhut Binsar Panjaitan,

Indigenous peoples of Mepago reject the illegal teams of Jakarta (Indonesia). You knew that, West Papua no sure to you 100 %, because you are a Gendral Military Of Indonesia. We do not want to yours cases resolution of human rights violations In Papua.
ULMWP This means association authorized by the people of West Papua and we do not give chronologys brutal shooted by indonesia's military and army to four (4) students of senior highschool, in Enagotadi, Paniai, on 8 december 2014, they are : Simon Degei, Yulian Yeimo, Alpius Youw, Otianus Gobai and Abia Gobai. Please...! you see an evidence about case of Paniai, bellow :

Apologize to us (Papuans), Indonesia very late for handle the human right cases in Papua, specially to cases of Paniai. All data about this case, we sent to ULMWP, so all the documents in ULMWP now.
Because, ULMWP is Papuan's representatif organization, we have many leaders in ULMWP they are Otovianus Mote, Benny Wenda, Yakob Rumbiak, Leoni Tahgama, and Rek Rumakiek.
Thank you. May God Bless You.

Report by : KNPB Paniai

Sabtu, 25 Juni 2016

AMP-KK-Yogyakarta : Many Peoples Of Indonesia Support To ULMWP Full Membership In MSG

Yogyakarta, On 16 Juny 2016. Student Of Papua Alliance (SOPA/AMP) gathered to many peoples of Yogyakarta, Indonesia for had the peace action about "supporting to ULMWP will be accepting full membership in MSG". 
This peace action, they did in near of alun-alun Yogyakarta, at the 0 km (Malioboro). They continued orasion and speech by alternatery. Bellow is many photoes by them, when they was orasing there :

 Source : Manuel Metemo, 100 % F4WP